Lucien Moreau     conceptual artist. designer. musician. dreamer.

I work mainly as a Film Music Composer and Electronic Musician, performing live with a set of digital/analog instruments, such as piano, synth and electronic devices, mixing up different genres such as modern classical, experimental electronic and ambient synthwave music, always in a strong cinematic way. I also co-work, live and in-studio, with national and international artists. As a Senior Graphic Designer and Creative Director I work for commercial brands, cosmetic companies and cultural projects. I developed the concept for a series of art events in Krakow, Warsaw, Montreal, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok, where I also performed live.


[ x ] MOLOCH - Venturi / Moreau


[ x ] MOLOCH - Canto Armonico del Silenzio

[ x ] TAZEBAO - Ecce Homo

[ x ] TEATROSCIENZA - Music for PNEI

[ x ] LOBOLOTO - Come Back To Life

[ x ] MOREAU - The Road To Shell Beach

[ x ] MOLOCH - Dinosauria

[ x ] Enfolded

[ x ] Immanuelkerk

[ x ] A rising light